Discover our last events, courses and seminars


Discover our last events, courses and seminars

New features of CYPE 2022

La versión 2022 de CYPE se ha publicado recientemente y está repleta de novedades en materia de estructuras, instalaciones y arquitectura. ¡Descubre todo lo que hay de nuevo en este ciclo de seminarios!

CYPE Connect Steel

CYPE Connect Steel is the new CYPE application for modelling and analysing complex connections of steel structures using the finite element method. The tool, besides being able to import BIM models in IFC, is also capable of importing forces affecting the structure’s nodes designed in analyses previously carried out in other project phases.

Discover CYPE 2021

This cycle of weekly seminars organised by CYPE is your opportunity to learn more about BIM methodology and its integrated use in different areas of Engineering, Architecture and Construction. Join us every Wednesday at two different times and find out all the latest news about our tools.


New features of CYPE 2021

The 2021 version of CYPE has recently been released and is full of new features for structures, installations and architecture. Find out what’s new in this seminar series!

Introduction to architectural modelling with CYPE Architecture

Introduction to architectural modelling with CYPE ArchitectureCYPE continues its series of conferences to improve productivity. This new series will showcase the best modelling practices and CYPE Architecture’s interoperability options with other CYPE applications. Members of our technical department will be sharing tips and answering all questions from the audience for 120 minutes

CYPE BIM Essentials – Indonesia Connection

In this series of webinars engineers and architects from CYPE will use technology to develop Open BIM projects in different areas of the AEC sector. It’s your opportunity to learn everything you need to know to start modeling in BIM!